Eight non-resolutions for 2013


It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions again. The time for self-set targets that are conceived with the best of intentions, usually with a little too much enthusiasm and ambition and all too often destined to fail.

I don’t like to make them. When 2012 rolled around I made quite a big song and dance about the fact that I don’t do resolutions.

Then, around nine months later, enough time to have made a tiny human should you fancy it, I made another loud noise about my aversion to what I still maintain is usually a load of effort to give up pleasurable activities (food/drink) in place of doing more things I pretty much loathe (exercise/abstention).

At the same time I proclaimed I would make the effort to do more of three things. Two of these I have, it turns out, actually succeeded in doing. Cooking from scratch and knowing when to say yes and when to say no. I know. I’m surprised too. Alas, I never made it to the lindy hop dance classes.

But last week, as I drove home from an unaccompanied trip to the flicks*, I pondered my failure to follow through with that plan until I was struck by the obvious. It’s not too late.


In fact, it’s seldom too late to do anything. That’s not to say that I can keep putting off the things I’d like to do because then they will really never get done, but to think the moment has passed and give up would be a travesty.

I started to to think of all the things I like to do and how I would like to do more of them and I realised, in the most self-absorbed navel-gazing sort of way, that the only one stopping me is me.

There are loads of things that I privately regret not doing more of, or worse still never having done at all, and I think it’s high time I make the effort to change that. I may not succeed in ticking them all off in the next 12 months, but hell, it’s got to be worth a try.

So in no particular order, here’s a handful of things I’d like try, start, restart etc., in 2013:

  • Baking: I’m one of those people who finds it immensely relaxing
  • Dancing: not clubbing
  • Singing: in the shower, the car, while I cook etc. There will be no auditions for telly freak talent shows any time soon
  • Stand up: something I’ve always wanted to try at least once. Whether I’m remotely funny** remains to be seen…
  • Painting: not decorating
  • Writing: on top of the writing I do to earn my daily crust
  • Red lipstick: I love it but I’m terrible at keeping it applied and tidy so I normally skip it. Well not any more…
  • Hats: they generally suit me, I own quite a few, I want to be that ‘hat’ person

In short, these are the things that make me happy so it makes perfect sense to me to try and do them a lot more. I’m kicking off with the dancing tomorrow night when I investigate a lindy hop class at last, red lipstick at the ready. Wearing a hat. And singing all the way.

But they are not resolutions, certainly not in the traditional sense, because even if I only manage a quarter of the things on the list, I’ll be pretty pleased.

* The Hobbit, if you’re interested. I liked it though I regretted accidentally booking to see the subtitled version – the lines kept coming up before the actors had spoken them, though I don’t suppose that’s much of a problem if they’re your only means of following the dialogue. That’s not meant to sound glib, but to serve as emphasis of the fact that my complaint is a selfish one.
** It hasn’t escaped my notice that this is one of my least amusing posts. Just so you know. In case you’re thinking that my ambition to have a crack at stand up is an incredibly terrible idea, I’m well aware that it probably is. You need to know that. But at least I’ve got the balls to give it a go. Have you? No? Then sod off.


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