Procrastination starts tomorrow

Oh dear, oh dear… tomorrow will be a full four months since my last post. You know how it is. One week turns to two, then turns to eight and before you know it, the idea of putting up a post after so long seems utterly ridiculous.

I blame the non-resolutions of my only GWTMH outburst of 2013. I made lots of grand plans; I told the world all of the wonderful things I would be attempting to achieve… and then when I landed far short of success on most of them, I was too embarrassed to come back and say so. But it’s time to woman up and face the music.


Let’s have a look at how I did. Here’s the original list:

  • Baking: I’m one of those people who finds it immensely relaxing
  • Dancing: not clubbing
  • Singing: in the shower, the car, while I cook etc. There will be no auditions for telly freak talent shows any time soon
  • Stand up: something I’ve always wanted to try at least once. Whether I’m remotely funny** remains to be seen…
  • Painting: not decorating
  • Writing: on top of the writing I do to earn my daily crust
  • Red lipstick: I love it but I’m terrible at keeping it applied and tidy so I normally skip it. Well not any more…
  • Hats: they generally suit me, I own quite a few, I want to be that ‘hat’ person

Baking I think my family and colleagues will be the first to tell you I’ve failed on that front. Sure, I’ve produced some of cakes. But not remotely in the numbers and improving standards I’d hope to. Must try harder.

Dancing I went to lindy hop. Twice. Somehow bad weather and a relentlessly complicated diary conspired against me when this pursuit was in its infancy and it wasn’t long before it fell by the wayside. So lindy hop didn’t work out. Try something else.

Singing OK, this is one area in which I have definitely succeeded, given how often my 6yo tells me to be quiet. I wish casual, drop-in karaoke bars were ten a penny – I’d nip out on my lunch break for a singalong if I could. I don’t need an audience, I just like to sing.

Stand up This one really needs more attention. I definitely want to do it. I could make excuses such as the lack of days in the week, but it comes down to me. Make time and get on with it.

Painting Not picked up a brush since I wrote that. Very poor. Put the plans into action. 

Writing This post says it all.

Red lipstick OK, on this I really did try. It’s bloody hard work though! It needs constant and careful reapplying and within a couple of weeks I decided I really couldn’t be arsed. Fair enough.

Hats Did that. It was cold and wet. Hats were needed. Yeah, good one. You wore hats. Sheesh.

So there you have it. That’s where I got up to. I’ve broken my lengthy absence with a round-up of how I did and quite frankly that’s the last you’ll hear from me on the matter. Otherwise I suspect I’ll just have to copy and paste this post and publish it again in six months time.


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