100-day challenge: the start of something good

100-day challenge

An hour ago I was using the cool tiles of my bathroom for support as I stood in the shower. The steam that clouded up my mirrors had just about helped me breathe clearly again while my limbs felt leaden and my head heavy.

But I felt great.

I had just done a try-out training session with Sarah in glorious March sunshine. And though it  pains me more to use any number of well-worn cliches than it did to exercise, it was the start of something good.

Countless attempts to improve my fitness levels in the past have failed to stick so this time I’m documenting my experience – the good and the bad – to remind myself of what I will be throwing away if I fall back into bad patterns.

Sarah is going to train me daily (Mon-Fri; we both have children etc) for 100 days and I am going to diarise my progress using words, pictures and videos.

So… my feelings right now.

I know it’s going to be hard work, and that doesn’t put me off. Though admittedly there were moments – like when my arms trembled perilously during the plank and I still had 15 seconds to go – when I wondered if I had it in me.

What scares me is getting halfway towards my goal and not getting there. Not exactly giving up, but not persevering. As has happened every other time I’ve tried, when I’ve seen some success and settled without crossing the finish line.

This time will be different though, I’m determined. For the first time, I’ve got someone who I think will cajole and coerce me; encourage and demand more. I’m hoping Sarah will see what I believe to be my limitations and stretch them.

Speaking of which, time to give my muscles some extra stretching. I’ve been through the start of enough fitness regimes to know that if I’m not careful, what aches today will be agony tomorrow.


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