The mind is a muscle and it needs training

Workout stonesHalfway through week two of the 100-day challenge and it’s the first time I’ve not really been feeling it ahead of Sarah’s arrival.

Fatigue has settled in and despite the glorious sunshine beating down on South London this morning, it was a struggle to feel enthused about the training session ahead.

I mention this to Sarah, pointing out that once I got going the sluggishness faded, and she says it’s not uncommon to feel like that midweek.

But what interested me more was the advice she gave to deal with it. I need to train my brain as much as my body and practice all the ways that will keep me motivated.

Not being born yesterday, I’ve always known that achieving fitness goals is as much about mind as it is matter in an abstract sense. Yet this might be the first time I’ve actually focused on it.

Having a trainer will undoubtedly push me – that’s one good reason so people go the one-on-one route – but I’ve realised that in order to bring about lasting change I need to learn how to be motivated without Sarah by my side.

Of course just typing that sentence didn’t make it happen, in the same way that buying books on healthy eating or downloading running apps is won’t do anything for you unless you use them.

Still, it’s a baby step in the right direction and that’s a good place to start.


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